Resurrecting the site once again but with the standard notice; This site is two different php web applications, WordPress and TNG genealogy. They are styled the same but the menu above will change slightly on the genealogy application, plus you’ll know by the lists and tables of genealogical data. Names of people, dates, places, supporting documents or citations to the source document images and more. This WordPress part of the site has articles and other types of content formats that TNG doesn’t provide.

99.9% or more of the genealogical research has been done by my sister. I’m the tech guy and have researched a couple of things including what I thought was my surname.

Pollard, Poland, Polden(Poldin too) and Paulding are all the same surname line. William Pollard was the first of the line but spelling wasn’t a huge thing back then so phonics tended to morph spellings over time. The surnames above are listed in chronological order. Polden to Paulding was the most recent and goes as such;

Joshua Thomas Polden Sr & Joshua Thomas Polden Jr who become Joshua Paulding Sr/Jr
Alpha Lawrence Paulding Sr
Alpha Lawrence Paulding Jr
Me and my sisters

So as recent as our great grandfather, we had a different surname. I would think most people from the UK would pronounce Polden with a long O as (pole din) but maybe the New England accent had evolved by the 1850s so that it was pronounced with a short O as (paul din) which is how everyone from my home town pronounced Paulding.

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