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RootsPersona shortcodes

Disappeared years ago from any RootsPersona related website. Somewhere, I think I also have the code to place in the settings page for using tabbed gen content. It never really worked all that well because when in use, you would lose the ability to add pics or edit the RP page/info. You could still however add your own image gallery via wordpress below the RP content.

You’re probably wanting to see the shortcodes eh? Sorry, I don’t have them here. There seems to be some issue with having rootspersona installed, as I do here, and putting the shortcodes in a set of pre or code tags which are made to show code on a page without executing them. Just another RP quirk.

I do have them on this website that doesn’t have RP installed.

I wonder if html code will work in a code/pre set of tags.


NOPE, you should be seeing html tags for a paragraph wrapped around paragraph but all it did was convert the text to monospace. So RP being installed totally breaks pre & code html tags. I wonder how many programmers are into genealogy?